Treat yourself to a clean indulgence, and we'll treat you to free shipping over $50. Treat yourself to a clean indulgence, and we'll treat you to free shipping over $50.


    Ditch the plastic with a range of options to suit your kitchen sink.



    Natural and palm-free Botanical Shampoo Bar finally arrived and sold out in a flash. New batch available mid-August.


    Clean with a clear conscience

    Palm oil free, recycled and plastic-free compostable packaging. Kind to your skin and the environment.


    A no-compromise indulgence

    Meticulously handcrafted in New Zealand using all natural ingredients and sustainable practices.


      ⭑ GREG from Puhoi: ⭑ “These are not your everyday soap bars, but you will likely know that the moment you hold one. The different scents are unique, strong, and the perfect accessory for the morning shower.” ⭑ Shop Greg's favourite: ⭑

      Pink Lemon-AID

      ⭑ TRISH from Mackenzie District: ⭑ "I love everything about the soap, from the scent to the wrapping." ⭑ Shop Trish's favourite: ⭑

      BIG Red

      ⭑ SARAH from Bayswater, AKL: ⭑ "I love all BOH soaps, I’m simply enchanted by the fragrance and touch. All natural and handmade, it gives me a good feeling of taking care of the environment while taking care of myself at the same time.” ⭑ Shop Sarah's favourite: ⭑

      Concrete Jungle

      ⭑ CALLY from Ahuroa: ⭑ "I literally cannot stop taking these out of the drawer to smell them. They are happiness in the palm of your hand." ⭑ Shop Cally's favourite: ⭑


      ⭑ Emma from Hillcrest, AKL: ⭑ "I've been using the soap ... it's SO good. My skin is so soft. I normally have to put moisturiser on but I've not had to do that!" ⭑ Shop Emma's favourite: ⭑

      BIG RED
      You get - we give

      You get - we give

      In addition to creating skin-loving waste-reducing products, BAR OF HOPE also strives to help those less fortunate by donating a bar of soap to The Salvation Army for every sale of a Pink Lemon-AID.

      Sustainable indulgence

      Sustainable indulgence

      BARS OF HOPE are made without palm oil or its byproducts, and are packaged and posted in recycled, compostable and plastic free materials. Read about the vision and story behind the brand.

      Labour of love

      Labour of love

      Behind every BAR OF HOPE are months of concept development, ingredient research, experiments, testing & tweaking until just right. Read about the ingredients that go into the bars.

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      Soapy musings

      BAR OF HOPE is a proud member of the NZ Soap Makers Association