MATER Beauty is on its way, read more here ✨ MATER Beauty is on its way, read more here ✨

    Goodbye BAR OF HOPE...

    ...Hello something beautiful.

    Meet MATER Beauty
    MATER Beauty

    MATER Beauty

    Put yourself at the top of your endless to-do list for just a few moments each day.

    Enjoy a MATER moment with these potent, synergistic and nurturing skin & hair care products.

    Because you deserve to be nurtured too.

    Good Hair Days are here

    Good Hair Days are here

    The MATER Beauty / HAIR ritual duo has been winning hearts and heads since launch.

    Salon quality (tested & endorsed by hair stylists!) solid shampoo and conditioner for your best hair, ever.

    💆‍♀️ T.L.C. Nourishing Shampoo Bar

    👑 GOOD HAIR DAYS Supercharged Conditioner Bar

    Your best skin - simply

    Your best skin - simply

    The MATER Beauty / FACE ritual duo:

    💦 I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Beyond-hydration Perfecting Serum

    🌞 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Supercharged Glow Drops

    Two face serums designed to work synergistically as an entire post-cleansing routine. Loaded with actives, and can be used both morning and night, for hydrated, healthy, glowing skin, in just TWO steps ✨

    Soapy musings

    BAR OF HOPE is a proud member of the NZ Soap Makers Association