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The perfect companions to the household soaps

Natural Bamboo Kitchen Dish Brush - short


The 100% natural & compostable companion to our solid household soap range. Choose from soft for regular dishes or coarse for pots & pans or vegetables.

These short and stubby bamboo handle and sisal fibre bristles brushes will fit perfect into your hand for a few swipes over the Block o' Dishwashing, Puck o' Dishwashing, or even the Brick o' Laundry soap if needed, before being ready to attack whatever it is that needs a good scrub.

Available in two types:

- BLONDE - softer bristles for regular dishes 

- BRUNETTE - coarser bristles for pots & pans or vegetables

Care instructions

After use, rinse and shake dry, then place the brush bristles down on a dry clean surface and allow to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sue Dewes

Very happy with this dish brush. It’s the ideal size and shape and fits the hand perfectly. Cleans thoroughly without being too abrasive.

Allison Butcher
Perfect shape

I love this dish brush, it fits perfectly into my hand and makes cleaning plates, cutlery, pots and pans so easy. It goes perfectly with the Block O' Dishwashing Soap too!