It's BATHPARTY month - 1 free Serious bath bomb when you buy 3. Free shipping over $70, Afterpay available. It's BATHPARTY month - 1 free Serious bath bomb when you buy 3. Free shipping over $70, Afterpay available.

The biggest decision-free core range pack



A four-pack containing Committed Size bars of the core launch range.

We know that making choices can be hard work, and committing to one soap can be a lot to ask so if you are after something a bit more substantial than the ever-popular CLEAN FUN pack but you can't decide on a favourite (we can't blame you, we wouldn't be able to choose one either!), we now offer the COMMITTED TO CLEAN pack.

Each COMMITTED TO CLEAN pack contains Committed Size (130g) bars from the core launch range:

Naked or wrapped?

It's no secret that BAR OF HOPE is all about sustainable practices and reducing waste. This is why we offer 'naked' bars which come with a product information leaflet and not much else. But if you'd like something a bit more fancy as a gift for someone (or yourself!), we offer a sustainable wrapped option using recycled paper and cotton twine.

BAR OF HOPE products are crafted, cut and prepared for you by hands, not machines, so there will be some variation and uniqueness to each bar.

Ingredients: See individual product pages linked above for ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Allison Butcher
Great value

My family have already fallen in love with the Purple Reign and BIG Red soaps - there is much debate over which is the favourite! With this pack we added a new favourite, Pink Lemon-AID - it is such a great pick me up in the morning, it smells clean, fresh and bright. Concrete Jungle appeals mostly to my husband, the scent is a lovely masculine smell, but I adore the ever so slight abrasiveness of it - I feel like it really helps to cleanse away dead skin cells. The best part of buying four soaps at once though is that my linen cupboard and underwear drawer (where I store soaps that are not yet being used) smell AMAZING. My linen cupboard is near my front door, so when I answer the door I quickly open the linen cupboard first and any guest walks into the most amazing smell!