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The good old-fashioned stain remover

Brick o' Laundry soap - IMPERFECT


The good old-fashioned brick of laundry soap. Time tested stain-remover. Free from bleach or other harsh chemicals. Vegan!

****This batch of blocks is imperfect, but in looks only, not performance! They are darker than expected, hence the sweet price.***

This 130g+ brick of hard-working coconut oil based soap packed with tea tree oil's antibacterial superpowers and a touch of charcoal, will make any stains shiver in fear, making them easier to remove. A bit of added lemon peel will further work its antiseptic and exfoliating powers on the dirt, and well, make the soap more easy on the eye. Although be aware that these weren't made to be pretty!

This soap went through months of rigorous testing on reusable nappies and toddler daycare clothes so it had its work cut out for it. As always, for best success, treat when the stains are fresh.

Key ingredients & their benefits:

  • Coconut oil to cleanse, as it does best
  • Tea tree essential oil for its antibacterial superpowers
  • Lemon peel for its antiseptic properties
  • Essential oils of Lavender and Litsea Cubeba to calm the tea tree scent a touch

Brick o' laundry soap is:

  • Plant based / vegan friendly
  • Powerfully cleansing
  • Antibacterial thanks to tea tree essential oil

As with all BAR OF HOPE soaps, follow our soap care advice to get the best out of your bar.

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Naked or wrapped?

It's no secret that BAR OF HOPE is all about sustainable practices and reducing waste. This is why we offer 'naked' bars which come with a product information leaflet and not much else. But if you'd like something a bit more fancy as a gift for someone (or yourself!), we offer a sustainable wrapped option using recycled paper and cotton twine.

BAR OF HOPE products are crafted, cut and prepared for you by hands, not machines, so there will be some variation and uniqueness to each bar.

Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate (Coconut); Aqua; Essential oils of: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower, Litsea Cubeba Fruit, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil; Charcoal Powder.
To learn more about these ingredients, visit our What's Inside page.

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