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Soap care

Congratulations on making the best choice of soap for not only your skin, but also the planet! Whether you’re new to natural soap, or just new to BAR OF HOPE, we’ve put this together to help you care for your soap and have the best experience possible.


The most important thing for your soap’s lifespan and optimal consistency is making sure it is well drained so it can dry out between uses. If your soap stays in touch with water or a wet surface, it will start softening and melting and, as a result, will not last as long as it normally would. Using your soap directly on your body, rather than rubbing it on a wash or scrub cloth first, will also help it last longer. This is natural soap, so it doesn’t have the same harmful chemicals or hardening agents which are often added to supermarket soap to make it artificially longer lasting.


Soap does not expire (if formulated well, it gets even better with age), but it does need to be cured for at least four weeks before it reaches you. Our soap is typically safe to use three days after crafting, but the additional curing time creates a much harder, milder and better bar. That’s why we imprint each bar with the date it was crafted, so you can rest assured that your soap has had the “rest” it deserves.


The scent is as much part of the soap as the shape, colour and ingredients - we compose each scent with as much attention to detail. Since we use natural, essential oils for scent (see the What's Inside page for more), the scent fades with curing and storage - but don't worry! It will be revived as soon as you wet and use the soap.


Every BAR OF HOPE soap is handcrafted with love and the utmost attention to detail. But even with our perfectionism, it is hard to achieve the same precision in size and shape with the manual tools we use, as you would with machines used in mass-production. This means there are very slight variances in size and shape between bars, without them ever weighing less than the minimum size stated for that particular size (which is what our pricing is based on).

And since we colour our soap using only natural ingredients like botanicals and clays which can vary from time to time, there can also be a slight variation in colour between some batches. But rather than detracting from it, we think it adds to their appeal, as every single soap we make has been designed to have its own personality, benefits and little quirks. We hope you love them as they come, because we do!