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BAR OF HOPE is brought to you by Petra - the formulator, maker, tester and dreamer behind all the products and words.

Happiest making things in her studio, but also moonlights in the IT industry where she enables others to make things.  

A mother of an energetic toddler, a wife of a very patient man, and a recently bereaved daughter. 

Boundless passion and care is poured into BAR OF HOPE products, from conception to production and packaging, so you can be sure you are receiving something special that will bring joy to your everyday life. 

BAR OF HOPE maker Petra


BAR OF HOPE was born out of a passion for good-for-you body care products that make the ordinary daily personal hygiene tasks feel like extraordinary indulgent experiences, while doing no harm to the planet that is our home. For Petra and Tali, two friends of over 20 years, BAR OF HOPE was the culmination of both of their experiences that lead them to be acutely aware of what we expose our bodies to, specifically our biggest organ (skin!), and the potentially damaging effect certain chemicals can have in the long term.

It also provided a chance to take action towards waste reduction, sustainability and social responsibility by demonstrating that a business doesn't have to be in contrast to these values to be successful.

While Tali was key to conception of BAR OF HOPE, she has moved on to pursue other interests.

The Team of BAR OF HOPE


As mothers, Petra and Tali were both looking for the most gentle, safe and effective products to use on their children's delicate skin, as well as their own. Although it started with soap, it quickly expanded to other body care products - which was natural, given a genuine lifelong interest in and study of these products.

The choice to keep it natural was an obvious one early on, as nature is full of beauty, inspiration and gifts. Making this choice in no way means a compromise on quality, effectiveness or the indulgence of the products. On the contrary; using natural skin-nourishing oils and butters enhances BAR OF HOPE products with a hard to match luxury and 'pamper' feel, hence: 'A clean indulgence'.

Nature also provides the captivating scents that make the products stand out, crafted using original 100% essential oils (plant extracts) blends, also adding the benefit of aromatherapy. All the products are also coloured using botanicals, clays and charcoal – all gifts from nature.


BAR OF HOPE products are handcrafted with meticulous care using only natural ingredients, including colourants and scents, in order to reduce potential irritation and maximise benefits to the skin. They are a mix of pure, ethically and sustainably sourced oils and butters (as well as being palm-free), scented with essential oils and coloured with botanicals, clays and other natural additives.

All ingredients used are extensively researched for their function and purpose, and the formulations tested and tweaked until they meet the highest of standards.


BAR OF HOPE packaging is sustainable, containing only home compostable materials. In addition to bar soap, shampoo & conditioner, the Block O' Dishwashing Soap is another way to reduce the need for plastic bottles in the home, as well as turning ordinary cleaning & hygiene tasks into extraordinary moments. Warning: you might start looking forward to doing the dishes!

With Social Responsibility as one of our core values, BAR OF HOPE matches the amount of Pink Lemon-AID soap sold with a regular soap donation to The Salvation Army. One-off donations are also made to other charitable organisations such as Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust.

Make the ordinary extraordinary with BAR OF HOPE’s handcrafted luxury body care with personality.