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A comforting & charming Christmas-ish bundle

So long, 2021! - Natural Soap Bar Bundle

Special Edition Soap Bars:
Bundle (300g+)

A natural soap bar bundle that is just a little bit Christmas-ish, but mostly just comforting and charming to help you see out another difficult year, and welcome a better 2022!

This bundle consists of the natural soap bars from our So long, 2021! collection:

- Fresh Terrazzo - Natural Soap Bar

Lav Is All Around - Natural Soap Bar

- Lush & Luxe Terrazzo - Natural Soap Bar

Fresh Terrazzo will lift your spirits with its refreshing sweet minty scent with a hint of floral lavender, and a luxurious silky skin feel. And what's not to love about its rich blue base and lavender and citrus terrazzo pieces!

Lav is All Around is a special bar - a beautiful classic creamy white appearance, with an intoxicating lavender & patchouli smell and a skin feel that will make you feel pampered as luxurious shea and cocoa butter make up a fifth of the oil-based ingredients.

The main scent note comes from pure Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, which unlike a lot of lavender scents around, smells sweetly floral, just beautiful!

Lush & Luxe Terrazzo will delight with its gentle scent of floral lavender with a base of patchouli, and a luxurious silky skin feel. And what's not to love about its lovely lilac base and colourful terrazzo pieces!

Created in collaboration with another fabulous local small business - Lush & Luxe Hair - to complement their range of beautiful silk accessories. 

Key ingredients & their benefits:

  • Shea butter for a luxuriously soft feeling skin
  • Cocoa butter for its antioxidant and regenerative properties
  • Coconut oil for its superb cleansing and ability to create magnificent bubbles
  • Coconut milk to add creaminess and skin loving properties
  • Olive oil for nourishing and moisturising sensitive skin

So long, 2021! Natural Soap Bar Bundle is:

  • Plant based / vegan friendly
  • Packed with skin-loving oils & butters 
  • Coloured and scented with only natural ingredients

All bars weigh around 100g but due to the handmade nature of them, there is some variance.

    Naked or wrapped?

    It's no secret that BAR OF HOPE is all about sustainable practices and reducing waste. This is why we offer 'naked' bars which come with a product information leaflet and not much else. But if you'd like something a bit more fancy as a gift for someone (or yourself!), we offer a sustainable wrapped option using recycled paper and cotton twine. 

    BAR OF HOPE products are crafted, cut and prepared for you by hands, not machines, so there will be some variation and uniqueness to each bar.

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