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Why bar soap is the natural choice

Why bar soap is the natural choice

When it comes to shower time, we all have our preferences. The bar soap vs. shower gel (and its various forms) discussion is as divisive as the ‘right’ way to place the toilet paper roll - but if you count yourself on the shower gel side, here are some truths and common misconceptions about bar soap that might make you think again. 


Many people fear that, since bar soap comes into contact with the skin, it harbours bacteria that could be transferred to the next person using it. This is an understandable worry, but it is unfounded and simply not true.

From your kitchen bench to your computer keyboard, germs are everywhere, and not all of them are ‘bad’. Soap is made up of surfactants (cleaning compounds) that are activated when they come into contact with water, which then washes away any bacterial matter - whether from your skin or the soap surface itself. So it’s fair to say that soap is inherently antibacterial and soap bars are self-cleaning!

All BAR OF HOPE soaps (and all our products in general) contain only natural ingredients, which means the surfactants are natural too, rather than synthetic ones created in a lab as is the case with shower gels and liquid hand soap.


Not only is a bar soap self-cleaning, it’s also packed full of skin-loving goodness. The oils and butters in BAR OF HOPE’s soap are highly nourishing and hydrating for the skin. Kokum and shea butter, to name a couple, are decadently pampering and, when used regularly, will help leave the skin feeling velvety soft. So despite the fearmongering “soap-free” movement of recent years, well formulated and made bar soap is also the most luxurious choice for the skin.


If you are conscious of and aiming to reduce your environmental impact, consider that once you’ve used up your bar soap, nothing remains! There is no plastic container to dispose of, and if your bar soap is natural, then you haven’t put anything synthetic down the drain.

BAR OF HOPE packaging and wrapping is also made from reused paper and cotton twine.

Furthermore, a study that compared the environmental footprint of different home-care and personal hygiene products found that, on the whole, bar soaps have a much smaller environmental impact than liquid body & hand wash.

When compared to bar soap, liquid wash requires 5x more energy for production, and a whopping 20x more energy for packaging. The study also found that the average consumer water use per-wash is 6x higher for liquid wash than it is for bar soap.


If caring for your bar soap properly, a 100g bar can last four to six weeks on average. Read our Soap Care page for tips on how to get the most out of your soap, but the main thing is to keep your soap dry between uses which any good soap dish will do.

Since it’s solid, bar soap can’t accidentally be overpoured through a faulty bottle pump, or spill in your travel bag.


Bar soap is lighter and significantly easier to pack for travel than liquid body/hand wash. When flying, you don’t need to worry about bottle size if taking soap on the plane, plus it will add barely any weight to, or take up space in your luggage.


One final thing to consider is that many bar soap makers are independent owner-operated businesses who tend to buy their ingredients from other similar businesses - rather than a large international supply chain. By buying from them, you are supporting a network of local merchants in your community.

We hope there’s enough here to get you at least thinking about bar soap, and at best, curious to try it. We make it easy with our sample TRY CLEAN PACK, or the small size CLEAN FUN PACK to get you started on your bar soap journey.

Stay clean,

* This article is included in Twinkl's Eco-Friendly and Sustainability campaign, and is part of their article Some great ideas to be more sustainable in 2021.