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How to shave with a safety razor - legs, beards, armpits & elsewhere..

How to shave with a safety razor - legs, beards, armpits & elsewhere..

Congratulations on switching to a plastic-free safety razor and making a choice that is kinder to both your skin and the environment. And as if that wasn’t reason enough to switch, you are also in for a luxury self-care experience and perhaps the start of a new pamper ritual.

To set up your new best shaving friend, check out the How to install or replace the blade on your PLASTIC-FREE LUXURY SAFETY RAZOR post.

Now that your razor is set up and ready to go, follow these tips to ensure the shave of your life.

Take your time & enjoy the process.

Shaving with a safety razor might feel foreign at first, but it’s something you will develop a feel for with experience. Start slowly and enjoy getting to know all the curves of your body. It won’t be long before you start to look forward to these self-care moments.

Warm up and exfoliate first

Warm exfoliated skin that’s just been soaking in a hot bath or steamy shower responds best to shaving, since the pores are open and the hair is softened. For gentle exfoliation, we recommend the Concrete Jungle Natural Exfoliating Soap, or the Lemony Sweetness Spa Body Polish.

Lather up

You’ll want the razor to glide on your skin as smoothly as possible, and the BAR OF HOPE Block o’ Shaving Soap will help it do just that. There’s no need to add shave oil, the Block o’ Shaving Soap is made in the style of the traditional shaving soap, is 100% natural and packed with soothing oils, natural butters and plant-derived glycerine, that will not only nurture and hydrate the skin, but also provide incredibly thick creamy luxurious foam. Rub the soap directly against the area of skin you want to shave until you’ve worked up a thick, creamy foam. Spread the foam with your hands, then give them a quick rinse before grabbing the razor again.

No pressure!

The first time you hold your Plastic-free Luxury Safety Razor, you’ll notice it’s much heavier than what you are used to, thanks to the 100% brass metal it’s made of. This not only gives it durability, but also the weight of the razor provides all the pressure you need when shaving. Use your hand to gently glide the razor over your skin using short or long strokes depending on the area being shaved. Most people find that holding the razor at 30 degrees works best for them, but you might find it’s different for you.

Go with the grow

We strongly recommend shaving in the same direction of your hair growth, at least to start with, until you see how your skin reacts and you develop a feel for using the razor. For thicker hair, you can opt to shave with the direction of hair growth for the first pass, and if you want to repeat, then try going against the grain or in different directions.

Shaving against the growth may cause skin irritation or razor burn for some people in some areas, so either way you choose, go slow at first and see how your skin reacts and what works best for you. You can always dial things up if you need to.

For the different shaving areas, this is what we recommend:

LEGS: if you’ve been shaving for years and your skin is used to it, you can try shaving against the grain on the first pass. Generally speaking, leg hair is quite fine and the skin is somewhat desensitised from being accustomed to shaving.

ARMPITS: try going with the grain on the first pass, then if you have to go again, you can try going against the grain but it’s very important you apply no pressure at all on the razor, and hold your skin taut to avoid razor burn and unnecessary cuts. Short strokes work best.

BIKINI + GENITAL AREA: go with the grain on the first pass, and if you need to go again - then go across the grain, rather than against it. Make sure to hold any loose skin taut so the razor can safely glide across it. Short strokes work best.

BEARD: go with the grain on your first pass and hold your skin taut for those turns and curves, moving in short strokes. If you need to go again, go across the grain to avoid skin irritation on your face.

Keep the razor clean throughout the shave

Soap, oil and hair will inevitably build up inside the razor head area during the shaving session. In order to maintain a close, smooth shave the entire session, we recommend you rinse the razor after a few passes, especially if the build up is visible. Pinch the top & bottom of the razor head between your thumb and forefinger and slightly turn the leg to unscrew - like you’re changing the blade, but without actually unscrewing it completely. Run the razor with the loose head under hot water to wash off all the buildup. Then pinch the head again and tighten up the head screw all the way so it’s secure in place and ready to resume shaving.

Keep the blades sharp

One blade can last 5-10 shaves, depending on the area it’s used on. If it’s feasible, you could replace the blade after each shave. After all, the metal is recyclable so no need to worry about generating waste. But if you are like us and prefer to use each blade to its fullest, you’ll know it’s time to change the blade when you start to experience pulling/tugging during the shave, or any sudden skin irritation.

And that’s it - enjoy your new plastic-free luxury shave!