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Disposable plastic shaving razors are as bad for the environment as plastic straws

Disposable plastic shaving razors are as bad for the environment as plastic straws

There's been a lot of focus in recent years on eliminating single use plastic products, but one category that has flown relatively under the radar is disposable razors. It's now time to pop the bubble and switch to an option that is not only more sustainable, but that also offers a far superior experience.


Disposable razors are environmentally problematic on a number of levels. The all-plastic ones have the biggest impact on the environment because they consume fossil fuels for their manufacturing and they are destined for landfill since they are made from hard, non-recyclable plastic. It is estimated that billions of these end up in landfills every year. They also tend to come in single use plastic packaging, so in a way they are as damaging to the environment as plastic straws.

Some razor blades are made from a mix of mostly plastic, with some parts from metal or other sturdy materials, with the intention of making them last longer. Companies that make these also offer recycling programmes, which is great. The downside, however, is that the replaceable heads are still mostly plastic, and take-up of the recycling programmes is very low.

And then there are the razor blade subscription services which inevitably offer an over supply of disposable shaving razors made at scale in order to reduce costs, which again end up in landfill.


If you're after a clean shave, then a safety razor is the best option for both you and the planet. It is all metal, with no plastic in sight, including the packaging. So unless you misplace it, you will not need another one again.

The blades are replaceable and, instead of going into landfill, you could save them in a glass jar and empty at your local scrap yard when full. There is zero waste.

But we know that just being better for the environment, is not enough to make the switch. The best thing about this razor is that there is not only no compromise, but it offers a far superior shaving experience. You will get a much closer, smoother shave, leaving you smoother for longer. It will also help cut down on razor burn and razor rash, leaving you with less irritated, happier skin.

And as a cherry on top, the replaceable blades are also extremely cost effective!

The BAR OF HOPE unisex Clean Shave Safety Razor also comes with a companion traditional shaving soap block. The soap is handcrafted using all natural ingredients and palm oil free. It creates gloriously creamy shaving cream that will let the razor glide close to the skin, also leaving your skin silky thanks to a mix of nourishing oils, butters and glycerine.

With the CLEAN SHAVE Duo, you can enjoy a clean, indulgent shave without a guilty conscience. In fact, you may find that shaving will turn from a chore to a pamper you can look forward to!

Until next time, stay clean,